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Home Elevator

Residential elevators, once known as a
luxury, have become essential for many
homeowners as they enhance their
homes, increase resale value, address
mobility issues, and generally make life
easier for everyone
Arrow residential elevators are built using the same design criteria developed over decades of experience in commercial and industrial elevator manufacturing. While the safety code for home elevators is less stringent than for commercial equipment, we believe that a home elevator should be every bit as safe and reliable as our commercial elevators. So our residential elevators exceed the safety standards.

1. Unique Control Safety Descent
Our battery operated safety feature provides the security of a car that will never be stranded between floors in a power failure. With controlled safety descent, the car will automatically ride smoothly and slowly to the lowest floor level, and provide emergency lighting.

2. Exceeds Safety Codes
Our elevator not only meets, but exceeds the safety code standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. (ANSI A17.1)

3. Greater Carrying Capacity
Our standard model offers the ability to carry up to 750 lbs.

4. Programmable Controller
Our elevator controls are interfaced with an Industry Standard, heavy duty programmable logic controller (P.L.C.), yet have relay redundancy designed to prevent dangerous conditions that exist as a result of a single failure. These more stringent requirements are found only on the most sophisticated commercial elevators.

5. Hoistway-Door Locking Device
Meets the requirement of ANSI A.17.1 Part V. This prevents the possibility of opening a door from the landing side even thought the door is not at the landing.

6. Guide Rails
Our elevator is guided on commercial quality machined T guide rails. Ride quality is further enhanced by the use of urethane-tired roller guides, with sealed/lubricated for life bearings.

7. Automatic 2-Way Leveling
Our elevator slows down to a comfortable leveling speed in response to a near floor signal. Automatic leveling gives floor accuracy within1/4.

8. UL/CSA Tested
Assemblies are U.L. or C.S.A Laboratory tested and Approved. Complete elevators have been tested for over 180,000 operating cycles. This represents 50 years of normal household use.
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